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Doggie Style ;)

19 Mar

A dog is  a man/woman’s best friend…so all you doggie lovers, let’s check out some stuff for them now!

I love the pun on this one! A chew toy called ‘Jimmy CHEW’ or ‘Coco CHEWNEL’…haha

Jimmy Chew Shoe Dog Toy  Koko Chewnel Perfume Toy

Suit up bro! – words of a great man named ‘Barney Stinson’-How i met your mother…respect bro!

Studded fancy doggie collars…

Dog collars are commonly used for leading and teaching dogs. Although, some use these collars to accessorize their dogs and make them look fashionable. There are several types of dog collars but not all of them are appropriate to use on your dog. The collar to use for your dog would still depend on the breed, behavior, size and age of your dog.


Jump it up!

19 Mar

So there are so many variants of this wonderfully comfortable yet stylish outfit…rightly named as ‘the jumpsuit’.

You could go casual with printed/short ones…


or go bedazzle people with this look in the night!

A thin belt, either of the same/contrast colour can help accentuate your waist but make sure the bottom is flared/broad.

A few celebs flaunting this…my personal favoutite is the white one!

You could even try to experiment with denims/ animal prints but you have got to be confident enought to carry this one off!


“Jump” ing up with the Kardashians…


Zadig & Voltaire 2012

8 Mar

Zadig & Voltaire hat

These babies can make you look super stylish while protecting your skin from the sun this season…you can even go for the ones with some accessorizin…but i prefer to keep it simple and chic!


Dress it up!

8 Mar

Women dress alike all over the world: they dress to be annoying to other women.”-  Elsa Schiaparelli


Wedge em up in style!

8 Mar

Ok so its about having fun with colours this season…so lets experiment with the bright ones! Wedges ensure that you can have a fun time out with your feet all comfortable and relaxed in these heels.

Hello world!!

5 Mar

Hello and welcome to my world of fashion and eternal style and much more!!

Spring-summer season has kicked in, but this time with the temperature soaring really high…so what are we waiting for ladies! Lets get ready to dress fun, sexy, bright, naughty….lets get ready to make the temperature rise even more!