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Holidays and Shimmer

8 Jan

This christmas and new year’s eve, i went a little ‘shine crazy’! Its that time of the year when you want to add a little sparkle in your wardrobe because its the holiday season with its festive cheer and excitement!

On christmas eve, i chose to wear this new swarovski set, very simple, designed by a french artist under the brand name-Mira vidi with of course a cliche red dress! 🙂

IMG_1513On New Years eve, i outdid my shine obsession with a full sequinned gold cover up over a classic long black dress!

cover up sequinned jacket: Etam, France

Dress: Forever 21

I recently also bought some more bling, a big huge rock- swarovski ring to add to my collection! Do share with me your shimmer holiday experiences as well! 🙂

Happy new 2014! gotta get used to saying 2014!