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Holidays and Shimmer

8 Jan

This christmas and new year’s eve, i went a little ‘shine crazy’! Its that time of the year when you want to add a little sparkle in your wardrobe because its the holiday season with its festive cheer and excitement!

On christmas eve, i chose to wear this new swarovski set, very simple, designed by a french artist under the brand name-Mira vidi with of course a cliche red dress! 🙂

IMG_1513On New Years eve, i outdid my shine obsession with a full sequinned gold cover up over a classic long black dress!

cover up sequinned jacket: Etam, France

Dress: Forever 21

I recently also bought some more bling, a big huge rock- swarovski ring to add to my collection! Do share with me your shimmer holiday experiences as well! 🙂

Happy new 2014! gotta get used to saying 2014!


‘Skirt’ ing in style!

3 Apr

So i know how hot it has gotten this season and i have just the right outfit for you for that perfect day/night out!

Elegant and surreal, make way for this season’s fashin statement- that ever so long and flowy skirt, which is usually made sheer to show off those fantastically toned legs this summer. It gives your legs the breather they need and makes you look and feel gorgeous! (singing the word gorgeous animatedly).

Gossip girl Blake Lively skirts her style in a dress of sorts…just the perfect girl outfit, a princess like white number showing off her sexy long legs!

The rule which says you can’t wear high heels with a long skirt doesn’t apply here, as this is a chic and sophisticated look with a daring spin, so it actually requires you to wear elegant footwear.

For taller and slimmer girls, pleats add some shape to their frame, while curvier ladies should just go with a plain skirt.

This one’s my favourite…of course my fascination for Rosie Huntington adds no extra points to this beautiful GUCCI number 🙂

I did try one at ZARA recently, but it almost looked like i was getting ready to perform a belly dance so disheartened, i left that beautiful black piece at the trial room itself.

If you dont want to go sheer, you can still carry this trend along in bright colours…

Notice how all the other colours are kept soft to bring out the cherry red…not that it needs much bringin out.The higher you wear these, the more it accentuates your waist.

The most favorite long skirt design is the maxi skirt. A maxi skirt is usually defined as a casual lower garment that covers the whole legs and extends to the ankles or longer. It can be made of many fabrics such as chiffon, cotton, linen, jersey, crepe and even wool during winter season.The most common feature in the maxi skirts is the crimpy or wrinkling details that the designers love to show, and most of the girls love for the extra volume they provide.

 Poppy Delavigne Clothes 

Model Poppy Delavigne attends London Fashion week at Somerset House in London, United Kingdom. I love everything about her outfit!

Black FLEQ(Polish brand) shoes, H & M hat, ROMWE(online street fashion- ) bag, and amethyst ROMWE skirt make this outfit a stunner!


Jump it up!

19 Mar

So there are so many variants of this wonderfully comfortable yet stylish outfit…rightly named as ‘the jumpsuit’.

You could go casual with printed/short ones…


or go bedazzle people with this look in the night!

A thin belt, either of the same/contrast colour can help accentuate your waist but make sure the bottom is flared/broad.

A few celebs flaunting this…my personal favoutite is the white one!

You could even try to experiment with denims/ animal prints but you have got to be confident enought to carry this one off!


“Jump” ing up with the Kardashians…

Dress it up!

8 Mar

Women dress alike all over the world: they dress to be annoying to other women.”-  Elsa Schiaparelli

Hello world!!

5 Mar

Hello and welcome to my world of fashion and eternal style and much more!!

Spring-summer season has kicked in, but this time with the temperature soaring really high…so what are we waiting for ladies! Lets get ready to dress fun, sexy, bright, naughty….lets get ready to make the temperature rise even more!